söndag 22 februari 2015

Purrfect Pawlish I< 3MyCat collection

Hello again!
Tonight is going to be about Purrfect Pawlish collection I<3MyCat.
Maria at Purrfect Pawlish took her inspiration from her love for cats.
She has a cat named Fräs and I'm told that he is the King ;)
He is white and grey, and you'll see that the polishes are too. 

I'll start with Soft and Fluffy.
The name is pretty easy to get, just think of a cat! ;)
Now to the polish. As you can see in the pictures, it's a white and subtle polish with silver shimmer and microholographic sparkles!
I put three coats here, because I didn't want to see any VNL. 
I'm going to take a photo in direct sunlight to capture all the gorgeous holo madness as well.

Last polish in this collection is Divine Cat, and it takes you back to ancient Egypt when cats were gods (and they still think they are gods).
The polish is full of silver hexagons in different sizes and purple glitter in shape of a cathead in a clear base.
Here I put it over Soft and Fluffy, and I think it matches very well. 
Two coats and topcoat.

If you are interested in buying this collection it is going to be released on March 6, 7 pm Swedish time. You can buy them here purrfectpawlish.bigcartel.com
Thanks again Maria for this big chance and opportunity!

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