onsdag 20 maj 2015

Purrfect Pawlish The Lovecraft Collection Part 2

Hey there!
Here comes part 2, which is the last part of my swatchmail from Purrfect Pawlish. 
I got to review The Lovecraft Collection and it's a big one. If you want to check out the first part, click here
Let's get down to the important stuff, like the polishes shall we?


First out is Mountain of Madness.
I had some trouble getting the holo effect in the picture, but it's a beautiful silvergrey holo, covers very well in two coats. 


Next one out is The Outsider. 
A lovely minty almost dusty green, also with that subtle holo. 
Two easy peasy coats here!


Third out is Cosmic Fear. 
A black holo polish with a lot of beautiful rainbows.
Covers so well with two thin coats. 
imagine this as a background to galaxy nails. Right?!


Last one out is The Great Old Ones.
Looks blue in the bottle and in the pictures, but it is actually a dark purple. 
This one is definitely my favorite among the holo polishes!
Two thin coats, as with all of the polishes from this collection!


So, my personal favorites is The Great Old Ones and Dagon from part 1.
All of these are released on May 26. Visit Purrfect Pawlish on Facebook or her shop for more info. 

söndag 17 maj 2015

Purrfect Pawlish The Lovecraft Collection Part 1

Hello again!
The very sweet Maria from Purrfect Pawlish send me an awesome mail with polishes for review.
It's a big one, so I going to devide it into two parts. 

This collection is called The Lovecraft Collection and it's inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (Wikipedia H.P._Lovecraft).
If you guys aren't familiar with him, check out the link to Wikipedia. But basically he wrote gothic/horror novels. 

The first one out is Dagon. 
Check it out!? Its absolutely gorgeous! I think it looks like the night sky here, but I know that Maria took the inspiration from the novel with the same name, that tells about the ocean and sea living creatures. 
Two coats here, but only because I have long nails and there was a slighty VNL. 

Next one is Colour out of space. 
Lovely purple glitter polish with a bunch of holographic microglitter. Two coats here as well. Nothing wrong with the formula here!

Last one out from Part 1 is The Whisperer. 
If you love glassfleck/shimmer polishes, this is your guy! It's not only a shimmer but it shifts from purple to blue in a gorgeous way. Three coats here for opacity.

The whole collection is released on May 26, so if you are interested in any of these polishes, go to Purrfectpawlish on Facebook or her shop.