söndag 15 november 2015

Purrfect Pawlish - Holiday 2015

Hi again! 
I've been so busy these couple of weeks. Just finished my course as nail tech, and now I have to practice for my final exam. I haven't been able to even paint my own nails! 

Now it's time for Christmas soon and all wonderful holiday collections. 
I got a beautiful collection from Purrfect Pawlish, just in time for the holidays. 

It contains four gorgeous polishes and first out is Merry Christmas. It's really is Christmas in a bottle! Gold flakes, red and green glitter in a clear base. Here shown with three coats, no tc. 

Second one out is Sparkle of joy. A silver holographic polish with nice discrete rainbows. Here shown with three thin coats, with topcoat. 

Third polish from Holiday 2015 is Ice and Snow. Silver flakes in a shimmery silver white base. Really beautiful and I think it's great as a base for nailart or just on its own. Three thin coats here as well. 

Last but definitely not least is my favorite from this collection. 
Warm and cosy is a deep red with micro flakes in gold and red. It has a touch of sterling silver that gives it a nice sparkle. I love a true Christmas red and it has everything! 

The whole collection is released on November 20. If you want more information, head over to Purrfect Pawlish Facebook page, Instagram account or her shop at purrfectpawlish.bigcartel.com. 

fredag 2 oktober 2015

Purrfect Pawlish Ghost Collection Part 2

Im so sorry for the late post, but my computer was down, so i had to fix it first. This is the last part of the ghost collection from Purrfect Pawlish! 

First out is Phantom. A gorgeous shift between blue and purple. Here I show two coats over Pitch Black. So dreamy!

Last one out is Poltergeist. It shifts from green to pink to gold. And I could actually capture all of the different shifts here. Shown with two coats over Pitch Black. 

The whole collection was released on 25 September. Head over to Purrfect Pawlish Facebook page, her Instagram account or her shop. Happy Shopping! 

onsdag 16 september 2015

Purrfect Pawlish The Ghost Collection Part 1

Hi there!
It's almost time for all of our cool Halloween nails, and what couldn't be better that an whole collection based on ghosts from Purrfect Pawlish?

This one is a little bigger so I'm going to separate it into two parts. 
The whole collection has one black base color, four multichrome polishes and a candy with Halloween glitter in it. 
I'll start with just showing you the awesome gift bag all polishes are in.
Spiderweb! How cool is that?

The first polish is Ectoplasm (cool name right?).
It shimmers from purple to green. I was unfortunate to only get the green shift in the picture though. 
And I layered it over Pitch Black, which is a black creme that you get along when you order one or more polishes from the collection. This is one coat, without topcoat.

Next one is Haunted.
It shifts from gold to bronze to purple in a beautiful way.
I also put it over Pitch Black for the best effect. Here I show it with two coats, without topcoat.

And here I show you a pic on the candy with the glitter in it. It's solvent resistant, which means that you could put it in a polish or use it for nailart. 
It's full of pumpkins and skulls!
Really great idea there, Purrfect!

And if you want to know more, head over to Purrfect Pawlish Facebook page, her shop or Purrfect Pawlish Instagram account. They are all released on September 25th. 


tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Purrfect Pawlish - Classic Horror Trio

Hi there, it's me again 
and I'm here with another swatchmail from Purrfect Pawlish.

This one is all about horror!
They are all inspired by classic horror short stories.
Now, let's get down to business!

The first one out is Sleepy Hollow (by Washington Irving).
It's a beautiful warm brown and orange metallic polish with a black base and microholographic copper glitter.
And I really liked this one! Perfect for that sunny and warm fall days.
Good coverage in two coats and a great formula.

Horla is the next one and its based on the story by Guy De Maupassant.
This one is a blue metallic polish with a black base 
and microholographic silver glitter. 
And it's a stunner! It reminds me of a winter night sky or outer space. 
This also covers so well in two thin coats. 

In shade.

The last one out is Grean Tea by Sheridan Le Fanu.
It's one of those gorgeous flakies! A dark green jelly with gold and green flakes and microhographic gold glitter.
It's perfect for upcoming christmas nailart. It looks like a sparkling christmas tree! Two coats, are you shocked? Like all of Purrfect Pawlis polishes, there is nothing wrong with the formula!

In shade. 

All of these polishes are released on August 28th. Visit Purrfect Pawlish on facebook or her shop at Bigcartel.

söndag 19 juli 2015

Summer Date Trio - Purrfect Pawlish

Hi again!

Today I got some awesome polishes from Purrfect Pawlish for you guys.
This collection is called Summer Date Trio, and it's inspired by the perfect romantic date.
A perfect summer date has to have bubbling champagne, cute macarons and refreshing sorbet.

So let's start with that champagne shall we?

Pink Champagne is a sweet pink polish with a gorgeous holo effect.
Can you call it a dusty pink?
Almost full coverage with one coat, but I used two for good measure. 
Shown here without topcoat.

Taken with a flash.

Fresh Sorbet is like a pink version of Dagon (link here).
Full of pink and some purple mikroglitter in a pink base. 
Goes on so smooth and covers very well in two coats.
Shown here with topcoat.
I mean, Darling Diva and her muscle car collection is nothing compared to this!

Last one out is Sweet Macarons. 
It's a lovely fuchsia colored polish with glassflecks that shimmers in blue.
Covers perfectly in one coat! 
Shown here with topcoat.

If I had to choose one polish on a date myself, I think it would be Fresh Sorbet!
All of these polishes are released on July 24th.
Visit Purrfect Pawlish on Facebook or her shop!
Thanks again!