onsdag 29 april 2015

A Mothers Love - Purrfect Pawlish

The last one from this shipment from Purrfect Pawlish is A Mothers Love.
And it's pretty gorgeous!

A rasberry red polish with discrete holographic effect that covers very well in one coat, but I always put a second coat on, just for good measures. 


This polish is released on May 1. If you want more info about Purrfect Pawlish, please visit her Facebookpage or purrfectpawlish.bigcartel.com

torsdag 23 april 2015

Purrfect Pawlish Swedish Duo

Hi again!
I had the pleasure to review Marias aka Purrfect Pawlish collections, and the first one out is called Swedish Duo.
The polishes doesn't have any names yet, but I know that Maria is having a contest this weekend for this purpose!

The first one from the duo is a straight blue creme. I would say that this is a pacific blue? Covers very well in two coats. No funny business with the formula. 

In shade

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

In shade

The last one from the Swedish duo is kind of a unique glitter polish actually.
Matte yellow glitter in a clear base, with different sizes of sequins.

When I'm painting with glitter polishes, I sometimes notice they would build up on the nail, but you don't get enough glitter on. So here I tried sponging on the glitter on my pointer and longfinger nail and just simply painting as usual on my ringfinger and pinky.

Direct sunlight

In shade

This collection is released on May 1. Visit Purrfect Pawlish on Facebook or her shop to get her polishes right away!
And if you are interested in doing your own polishes, I can let you know that Maria has a lot of suspension bases and empty bottles in her shop for those who want to experiment!

These pictures can also be found on my Instagram @nerdcolours, where I also have an ongoing giveaway for you guys!