fredag 20 februari 2015

Purrfect Pawlish The king in Yellow collection

I'm back!
And I'm here with great news for you. 
Maria at Purrfect Pawlish has chosen me to be her swatcher. Can you imagine how big this is for me? I only hope that I can give her what she wants!

First out is The King in Yellow collection. She has taken inspiration from Robert W Chambers tales (a link to wikipedia about his tales

I'll start with Carcosa. In the stories it is a legendary place, and the polish is rather beautiful!
Its a blueish black polish with blue and silver flakes in it.
In the picture I have two coats and topcoat.

In natural daylight

Next one is The Mysterious King. Robert W Chambers talks about it as a mysterious and hard to understand essence, and I can see why.
Its subtle, glowy and full of golden dust, that does it best over a darker polish.
So here I put it over a dark prune color. Can't wait to use it over different colors! It's really glowing!
Only one coat and topcoat.

Here I put it over a light minty blue for a very discrete effect. One coat. 

Last one in this collection is The Pale mask, and it says that it's hiding something ethereal.
The polish is pure Sterling Silver in a bottle!
My camera had a hard time getting all that sparkle and gorgeousness! 
I put three coats here, because I noticed that some of my nails had rigdes in them and it showed pretty well, so three coats it is! Here it is with topcoat. 
I really want to try stamping with this polish, I think it could beat Excalibur from A England. 

Natural daylight

So if you are interested in buying these polishes, the collection is released on March 6, 7 p.m. and you can buy them here
I think that my favorite polish is The Mysterious King. I really liked how it glowed, and I want to see how it looks like in the sun. Thanks Purrfect Pawlish and Marie for this great opportunity, and i'm hoping I wont let you down!

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